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iPhone is Underclocked.

So today, I finally had a moment to look up the specs on the iPhone in-depth.

Turns out that this little thing has been underclocked. (as if i havent given that away with the title of this post).

My point is that while we havee a lagging kealagging  keyybooarddkeyboardard on the ipphone, the apps can take a while, safari is sometimes limited to the device’s horsepower (rendering pages), apple decided to keep posting updates for.. apps that crash (theorized to be) due to lack of resources/an overflow in the OS?

Seriously, kids… The current clock is 412Mhz. That’s actually pretty good.. The PSP runs at a max of 333 when overclocked. However, the CPU of the iPhone is capable of running with full stability on 620Mhz. The difference is like one Pentium III chip! (aside from the instruction sets and architecture).

The clock for the iphone was initially 400Mhz, Apple bumped it up the 12Mhz with one of the updates (not sure.. but I believe it was 2.0~). Does this mean that they will keep doing this in the future? Will it rise up to 620? Will it have less crashes if this is done? Will it blend?

Sure, you can argue that they did this because it isn’t necesarry (although the phone DOES lag ocassionally) and that this helps preserve battery life, yeah yeah.. why not implement a function to power up the core to all 620 if something cpu intensive is running? (e.g. Super Monkey Ball)

Just that application-specific thing?

We’ll have to wait.


2 Responses to “iPhone is Underclocked.”

  1. Obviously this is to keep the slightly reasonable battery life from being ridiculously short battery life.

  2. Yeah.. funny how I wrote about that…

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