The exciting life og –
God, I can’t even spell “of” correctly.


Yes.. How much we all love twitter.. People have been asking me questions about twitter, my desktop… everything in the title.

First off.. Feel free to follow me on the service, @ me, and chances are, I’ll @ back.

I’m down to about 50 people now due to a freak accident so go ahead and build the list…

If you Don’t know what twitter is, go look it up because I fail miserably at trying to explain it… and as soon as I say it’s a public forum/public IM service people ask if it’s like myspace and I start weeping softly in a corner.

Is there something else I should know about? Other services worth a look?

I have about 50+ accounts on different websites that I use day to day I’m not even kidding… but if it’s worth my time, email me! or write a comment! ..or better yet, get me on twitter!

Yes yes.. I haven’t put out an actual post in a while. This is mainly because I’m busy as hell.. Sorry.

But it IS great to see that there are so many views on this blog. I’m amazed. I’ve had like.. what.. 10 posts? and there are a few thousand views already?

Interesting. And Great at the same time.

I’m off for the night, but i still love you all.

Oh, and I’m not accepting the comments because I Don’t want to take care of it at this point in time. Maybe in a week i’ll get back to it. Too many, and Gmail’s been down for a good portion of today.

All hail the collective.


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