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US Media Distorts Georgian-Russian War

I’ll make this short.

We’re all aware of the war between Georgia and Russia.

How? Internet, Newspapers, Television, Word of mouth….

And I find this to be pretty curious; You’ve all heard how Russia was the one to attack first and kill so many people, yeah?

I’ve been watching the news that they had out in different parts of Europe. And according to any other source (other than America’s media, is what I’m saying) There was an attack on South Ossetia From (believe it or not) Georgia. The city’s civilians were killed in the night, so far thousands were reported dead, although the number is undefined. The interviews that I’ve looked through included countless people verifying that Georgia was the one to begin with the Total War that is still going on. The Russian troops that were sent in later were doing more help. That’s more of a quote, than me saying that.

Quick note… I’m not Russian, but I AM European. I’m younger than many of you would think, so I Was NOT born back when the USSR was still in tact. Plus, I’ve been living in America for 10 years now. And out of my short life, That’s a lot. My point is, I’m not biased. I’m just mad at the media that we have here. And we all know that there’s always something misquoted, rewritten, cut off, or just made out.

What about the whole thing with the Middle East and how we’re killing terrorists?

I support the troops for the fact that they’re people, but who Wouldn’t want the war to be over and who doesn’t see the media leaning towards saying “US Is right, the rest is not, everyone else is lying.”

i’ve read a lot of articles saying the US is hard at work trying to stop this war, How the president is hard at work everyday trying to work these issues out, etc.

Bush Hard at work and actively stopping war.

Bush Hard at work and actively stopping war.

Back on topic, The US does indeed have a reason for supporting Georgia in this; Russia poses competition with the US, and frankly, why would our lovely government put up with that when they have a chance to make Russia seem like the Evil of the world?

After all, The US was the one to support Georgia with weapons BEFORE this all began.

Ultimately; Do your research. Take Your foil hat off. Pay Attention.Think Logically.

Hell… There was an American who was was living with his wife in South Ossetia the night of the bombing and he himself is saying how Georgia was the first to attack. I’m reminded of fascism… Genocide, anyone?

Besides, since when did Americans even KNOW Where Georgia is located??

“Information war is part of war”

I’ll have sources on this page in a bit.

UPDATE: This is now on Digg. Neat!

SOURCES/What you may like:

Global Research

Cheney Threatens Russia (convenient)


3 Responses to “US Media Distorts Georgian-Russian War”

  1. The Los Angeles Times agrees that Georgia started this, and confirms Washington’s stake in this:

    “The international community scrambled to bring an end to the expanding conflict, which broke out late last week after Georgian troops attempted to retake the pro-Russian breakaway republic of South Ossetia in a battle that left hundreds dead and Georgia, a strategic partner of the West, vulnerable.”
    (Los Angeles Times),0,584219.story

    Don’t worry, pare, we’re not as dumb as we seem!

  2. I’m not calling anyone dumb and I’m trying very hard not to point fingers.

    and that’s fine what they’re saying. It’s just that “thousands of innocent civilians killed” is straight foreward… But who killed them?

    “Moscow sends more troops and continues bombing, hitting Georgian targets in South Ossetia, as well as in Georgia. U.S. alleges a bid at ‘regime change.'” Changes perspective.

    You know?

  3. Oh, anybody to think that Russia decided to bomb Georgia after South Ossetia decided to secede is an absolute moron. Logically, Georgia would mount the offensive to retain it’s territory. To think differently is to have your head up your ass.

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