The exciting life og –
God, I can’t even spell “of” correctly.

Forget the war…

Forget the war (Russia vs Georgia).. I’ve just noticed something.

1. They’re making a Max Payne movie.Yes, the Game with the protagonist that resembles Mr.Skin.

2. Is that freaking Mila Kunis with a freaking.. Steve guessed it was an sks but then went back on his word and he doesn’t know and I don’t know and if he doesn’t know then no one knows, but she’s holding a freaking gun.

That girl belongs in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and.. that 70’s Show… and just maybe we can still keep her as the voice actor for Family Guy (you should have seen me flip out when I found out she was Meg’s voice)… But the point is, No. That’s like giving Bob Barker a gun and a leading role in a Halo movie.

I can see it now.. “Come On Down! You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right, Mother Fucker!!” *pew* *pew*

…And It IS late enough for me to say that.

Well that was my point for today. I’m not fan of Max Payne, and I’ve never played the game in my life, but Mila Freaking Kunis with an mp5 deserves its own post.. And yeah, Steve remembered the gun’s model name, it’s mp5. too bad it’s not mp4.

..see what i did there? eh? eh?

I’m so funny.

UpDate: looked up if it’s really her.. and it is. I also found this pic of her.

I’m usually for Mila Kunis. I’m usually for whores. But for different reasons. Mila’s a Soviet (almost) like myself, so I was all for w.e. she was doing, and for a period of time, when i found out she had roles in the media I liked, I’d respect her for w.e. she’d be doing.

Now what do you see in that photo? If i was Mila’s mother I’d beat her. Not in a sexual way, either. Just… how does she go from comedian/drama actress into an Angelina-Jolie-styled whore?

I am very disappointed in you, Milana. Your father and I both are.


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