The exciting life og –
God, I can’t even spell “of” correctly.

Hats off to you!


How is everyone?
First, I’m happy to say that I finally got a new iPhone today. This would make it my third one. Poor apple, I’m like three people to them… only not physically. I’m like a third of a person physically. I should eat more.

Speaking of eating, I’m listening to Alice Cooper’s new promo. Now.. if you don’t know who Alice Cooper is, you’re a 90’s kid. Maybe later 80’s.
He’s a shock rock musician who almost.. just almost… rivals Marilyn Manson as far as his appearance and his charming way of dressing goes.

One interesting thing about Mr.Cooper is that he sings songs about murder and… everything your mother has warned you about, but he’s a hardcore Christian.

Im writing this because he’s a big force and inspiration behind my just completed album. You should give it a shot, Google him. He has a nose as big as an apple and an adam’s apple as big as his nose. get it? it’s late.

Today is officially the 1st of August.
If you don’t know, I have to have 4 semesters worth of subjects due today. if I don’t, I’m possibly going to get kicked out of the house (Resulting in a long walk to my hometown in Minsk, Belarus)

I’ll send you a post card if you ask for one in the comments.

Does wordpress even allow comments?

God knows.

All hail the collective.



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