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So today, I finally had a moment to look up the specs on the iPhone in-depth.

Turns out that this little thing has been underclocked. (as if i havent given that away with the title of this post).

My point is that while we havee a lagging kealagging  keyybooarddkeyboardard on the ipphone, the apps can take a while, safari is sometimes limited to the device’s horsepower (rendering pages), apple decided to keep posting updates for.. apps that crash (theorized to be) due to lack of resources/an overflow in the OS?

Seriously, kids… The current clock is 412Mhz. That’s actually pretty good.. The PSP runs at a max of 333 when overclocked. However, the CPU of the iPhone is capable of running with full stability on 620Mhz. The difference is like one Pentium III chip! (aside from the instruction sets and architecture).

The clock for the iphone was initially 400Mhz, Apple bumped it up the 12Mhz with one of the updates (not sure.. but I believe it was 2.0~). Does this mean that they will keep doing this in the future? Will it rise up to 620? Will it have less crashes if this is done? Will it blend?

Sure, you can argue that they did this because it isn’t necesarry (although the phone DOES lag ocassionally) and that this helps preserve battery life, yeah yeah.. why not implement a function to power up the core to all 620 if something cpu intensive is running? (e.g. Super Monkey Ball)

Just that application-specific thing?

We’ll have to wait.


Yes.. How much we all love twitter.. People have been asking me questions about twitter, my desktop… everything in the title.

First off.. Feel free to follow me on the service, @ me, and chances are, I’ll @ back.

I’m down to about 50 people now due to a freak accident so go ahead and build the list…

If you Don’t know what twitter is, go look it up because I fail miserably at trying to explain it… and as soon as I say it’s a public forum/public IM service people ask if it’s like myspace and I start weeping softly in a corner.

Is there something else I should know about? Other services worth a look?

I have about 50+ accounts on different websites that I use day to day I’m not even kidding… but if it’s worth my time, email me! or write a comment! ..or better yet, get me on twitter!

Yes yes.. I haven’t put out an actual post in a while. This is mainly because I’m busy as hell.. Sorry.

But it IS great to see that there are so many views on this blog. I’m amazed. I’ve had like.. what.. 10 posts? and there are a few thousand views already?

Interesting. And Great at the same time.

I’m off for the night, but i still love you all.

Oh, and I’m not accepting the comments because I Don’t want to take care of it at this point in time. Maybe in a week i’ll get back to it. Too many, and Gmail’s been down for a good portion of today.

All hail the collective.


You should try it.

It’s even worth a post.


I’ll make this short.

We’re all aware of the war between Georgia and Russia.

How? Internet, Newspapers, Television, Word of mouth….

And I find this to be pretty curious; You’ve all heard how Russia was the one to attack first and kill so many people, yeah?

I’ve been watching the news that they had out in different parts of Europe. And according to any other source (other than America’s media, is what I’m saying) There was an attack on South Ossetia From (believe it or not) Georgia. The city’s civilians were killed in the night, so far thousands were reported dead, although the number is undefined. The interviews that I’ve looked through included countless people verifying that Georgia was the one to begin with the Total War that is still going on. The Russian troops that were sent in later were doing more help. That’s more of a quote, than me saying that.

Quick note… I’m not Russian, but I AM European. I’m younger than many of you would think, so I Was NOT born back when the USSR was still in tact. Plus, I’ve been living in America for 10 years now. And out of my short life, That’s a lot. My point is, I’m not biased. I’m just mad at the media that we have here. And we all know that there’s always something misquoted, rewritten, cut off, or just made out.

What about the whole thing with the Middle East and how we’re killing terrorists?

I support the troops for the fact that they’re people, but who Wouldn’t want the war to be over and who doesn’t see the media leaning towards saying “US Is right, the rest is not, everyone else is lying.”

i’ve read a lot of articles saying the US is hard at work trying to stop this war, How the president is hard at work everyday trying to work these issues out, etc.

Bush Hard at work and actively stopping war.

Bush Hard at work and actively stopping war.

Back on topic, The US does indeed have a reason for supporting Georgia in this; Russia poses competition with the US, and frankly, why would our lovely government put up with that when they have a chance to make Russia seem like the Evil of the world?

After all, The US was the one to support Georgia with weapons BEFORE this all began.

Ultimately; Do your research. Take Your foil hat off. Pay Attention.Think Logically.

Hell… There was an American who was was living with his wife in South Ossetia the night of the bombing and he himself is saying how Georgia was the first to attack. I’m reminded of fascism… Genocide, anyone?

Besides, since when did Americans even KNOW Where Georgia is located??

“Information war is part of war”

I’ll have sources on this page in a bit.

UPDATE: This is now on Digg. Neat!

SOURCES/What you may like:

Global Research

Cheney Threatens Russia (convenient)


Forget the war (Russia vs Georgia).. I’ve just noticed something.

1. They’re making a Max Payne movie.Yes, the Game with the protagonist that resembles Mr.Skin.

2. Is that freaking Mila Kunis with a freaking.. Steve guessed it was an sks but then went back on his word and he doesn’t know and I don’t know and if he doesn’t know then no one knows, but she’s holding a freaking gun.

That girl belongs in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and.. that 70’s Show… and just maybe we can still keep her as the voice actor for Family Guy (you should have seen me flip out when I found out she was Meg’s voice)… But the point is, No. That’s like giving Bob Barker a gun and a leading role in a Halo movie.

I can see it now.. “Come On Down! You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right, Mother Fucker!!” *pew* *pew*

…And It IS late enough for me to say that.

Well that was my point for today. I’m not fan of Max Payne, and I’ve never played the game in my life, but Mila Freaking Kunis with an mp5 deserves its own post.. And yeah, Steve remembered the gun’s model name, it’s mp5. too bad it’s not mp4.

..see what i did there? eh? eh?

I’m so funny.

UpDate: looked up if it’s really her.. and it is. I also found this pic of her.

I’m usually for Mila Kunis. I’m usually for whores. But for different reasons. Mila’s a Soviet (almost) like myself, so I was all for w.e. she was doing, and for a period of time, when i found out she had roles in the media I liked, I’d respect her for w.e. she’d be doing.

Now what do you see in that photo? If i was Mila’s mother I’d beat her. Not in a sexual way, either. Just… how does she go from comedian/drama actress into an Angelina-Jolie-styled whore?

I am very disappointed in you, Milana. Your father and I both are.


Now.. I’ve been having issues with my computer for a bit now.

Mostly ever since I’ve installed Adobe CS3. (…And last night I got an email from Adobe saying “There’s a new version, go spend your money”)

My issues were there:

1. I was getting sick of outlook, I’d get a copy on my phone and a copy in outlook. This was annoying because they were not in sync. So I’d have to go back and fourth deleting/marking everything read/unread.

2. Ever since I’ve installed the Cooliris (aka PicLens) Plugin for Firefox, Vista began thinking that firefox is a freaking game. This meant that my mouse driver would switch modes into “GAME” each time I had firefox open. This resulted in a really slow cursor and disabled buttons on my mouse.

I have a 9 button mouse (MX510). yes, 9 buttons. two of those buttons are for scrolling up and down. but since I have a scroll wheel and a middle button for scrolling, I’ve remapped the two scrolling buttons to minimize and close the “selected application”. In short, that means I never touch the x‘s _‘s and … I don’t know how to make that square Maximize icon, as I can do this from my mouse. It’s faster.

3. More about mail.. I’m actively using 5 accounts. Two of which I actually care about. All five go to my phone, but my yahoo account is on the internet only, while my Gmail is in outlook. Yahoo would ask for me to type the user/password every damned time and would not autosave the user/pass. Fvcking annoying. Same with facebook.

4. I was sick of Gmail’s skin, the lay out.. etc. I just couldn’t stand it (which is why I had it in Outlook).

5. I don’t remember five.


(Note: Links to Extensions are at the bottom)

1. Since my phone supports imap, I thought I’d set it up as an imap account. I did. but outlook was a faggot and didn’t want to take imap as an answer.

Solution: use Gmail’s service. Forget Outlook.

2. If you don’t know what cooliris is;  Go there, and install it. At first it looks as bad as Joost, but once I’ve tried it out, i was amazed. Hell… I’ve even installed this on my mother’s firefox installation. She uses it more than i do. You get a 3d wall of pics and vids of whatever you search for. So far it has youtube, deviant art, flickr, google, and a few others… about 10 for the time being. It’s fun, and it’s fast. and If I’m saying this, then it’s true. I’m on a 2004 machine.. and it runs smoothly even with 942342 things in the background.

This thing made windows think firefox is a game, however. And I’ve lost the buttons I’ve mentioned.

I went to Logitech’s site.. looked up my model’s drivers.. “Lol YOU DON’T NEED THEM UR ON VISTA ITS PLAG AN PLAI” was what i got.

After trying about 30 different apps that would remap my mouse, I got fed up and looked up the drivers for the MX518. not the MX510, that I have. It had this thing called “SETPOINT” so I’ve downloaded, installed, rinsed, repeated.

and the soft was my mouse as a 510, and everything worked fine. Logitech, I’m still not over it.

why wasn’t this in the drivers for MY mouse? That’s not very Logical .

..see what I did there? Har har har..

jerks. I’ve played with set point and configured it all the way i wanted it to be. Now i even have a button on my mouse for flip3d. 😀

It all works out.

3. Firefox, what can’t you do… My issue was multiple mail accounts and having to sign in/check each one manually. Fvck. That.

While looking for the Cooliris plugin, I ran into something called WebMail Notifier. I was always fond of having an outlook icon in my task bar indicating there’s unread mail. this did the same thing. Only it did it within firefox.

I installed it.

turns out it not only notifies you of multiple accounts, it also links you to their respective inboxes directly AND logs in for you. I was in love. It even played the “new mail” sound and showed a balloon thing that trillian shows when you get new mail!

and it checks all accounts every minute…!

I can’t get over that.

As for Facebook, There’s a plug in called Boost for facebook. This thing logs into facebook for you, lets you skin the pages, blow up pictures without opening a new tab, and tons more.

4. Gmail was still as pale as me. Looking through more plugins, I found “Better Gmail” This thing adds new features, eh.. some crap. but I use it for skinning my webmail client. looks awesome, easier to use, actually.

5. I didn’t have a five.

At the end of the day, my issues went away. including the “COM SURROGATE” error I’d get every time I had a video file in sight… that wasn’t Firefox, though. That was iTunes. But reinstalling CCCP (codec pack) did the job.

And my system doesn’t lag, either. I’m happy. I need to go out more.

Here are the plugins I’m using:

Adblock Plus – Because I rage when I see ads.

Better Gmail 2 – Skin, change layout, and add features to gmail. I only wish they had a “Better Yahoo!”… one day..

Boost for Facebook – More features, auto login, Skins.

PicLens – Freaking amazing.

WebMail Notifier – Even if you have no need for this, but use webbased email (not clients) should try it.

Wikipedia Lookup Extension – I use Wiki a lot. I just prefer to keep my searchbar set on google, and I don’t really like opening new tabs. This plugin lets you highlight a word with your cursor, righ click it and pick “search with wiki”. phrases work too. It opens in a new tab, so you don’t lose your place.

….it just hit me that all of these things are called Addons/Extensions. not “plugins”. Plugins are different.


I am not drunk by Benny Bennassi.

Get it. Legally and stuff.